Results of the 2008 Bar Examinations, Philippines

It's a constant battle. Before the first Sunday of the 2008 Bar Examinations, I wrote: "The battle has not started, but inside me it's begun. The power of a thousand horses in the grip of just one man...". The last Sunday has long passed and I think the battle has never ceased. The wait is the longest battle of them all.

Will I win the war? I guess everybody who took the bar exams can never really tell the outcome. The warriors who sieged La Salle on the 4 Sundays of September 2008 are triumphant in their own rights. To take the bar examinations entails a mountain of sacrifices in its own.

The quest to become a lawyer is a task that does not depend on the person alone, it is a concoction of different skills and attitudes, of intellect and values, of the people you know and the ones you meet, of money or frugality, of chance and luck. Get the correct mix

ture of these and viola! You end up waiting.

It's a matter of destiny. This is what I heard from many people. Now I ask, can I make myself destined? Or has it been written in the palm of my hands? If this is the case, who needs to prepare then? If the coin has been tossed and its not in your favor, will you drop your sword, walk away and say "It's not my destiny?" We started the battle, we might as well end it. At least until all our cards have been spent.

The wait is the calm after the storm. We survived, we are victorious. All we have to do now is wait in line, wait for our turn to take the oath. When? you ask. You'll know. As soon as I have the results I'll post it here. Until then, let us feast for now, for we survived the battle. -

Results of the 2008 Bar Examinations will be posted here as soon as it's out. You'll be the first to know.