1.   DEFINITE  GUARANTY—limited  in  whole  or  in  part  to  the principal debt, to the exclusion of the accessories.  
If the amount to be paid or the service to be performed by the  person  guaranteed  is  specified  in   a   contract  of guaranty, then the obligation of the guarantor extends no further than the sum or services so specified, and extrinsic facts  cannot  be  resorted  to  for  the  purpose  of  enlarging the limit if the guarantor was ignorant of such facts.

2.   INDEFINITE  GUARANTY  OR  SIMPLE  GUARANTY—it  shall compromise  not  only  the  principal  obligation,  but  also  all its  accessories,  including  the  judicial  costs,  provided  with respect to the latter, that the guarantor shall only be liable for  those  costs  incurred  after  he  has  been  judicially required to pay.
Reason:  the  guarantor  in  entering  into  the  contract  could have fixed the limits of his responsibility solely to the strict terms  of  the  principal  obligation  and  if  he  didn’t  do  so,  it must  be  presumed  that  he  wanted  to  be  bound  to  the extent so established