Preliminary Contracts of Insurance

Section 52. Cover notes may be issued to bind insurance temporarily pending the issuance of the policy.  Within sixty days after the issue of the cover note, a policy shall be issued in lieu thereof, including within its terms the identical insurance bound under the cover note and the premium therefor.

Cover notes may be extended or renewed beyond such sixty days with the written approval of the Commissioner if he determines that such extension is not contrary to and is not for the purpose of violating any provisions of this Code.  The Commissioner may promulgate rules and regulations governing such extensions for the purpose of preventing such violations and may by such rules and regulations dispense with the requirement of written approval by him in the case of extension in compliance with such rules and regulations.

What are two types of preliminary contracts of insurance?

The preliminary contract of present insurance and the preliminary executory contract of insurance.

What is a preliminary contract of present insurance?

By a preliminary contract of insurance, the insurer insures the subject matter usually by what is known as a “binding slip” or “binder” or “cover note” which is the contract to be effective until the formal policy is issued or the risk is rejected.