Originally, Pardes was authorized to operate a  17 buses.  In addition, she was authorized to register 3 more buses.  However, she was not able to register the 3 additional buses nor to operate the other 17 buses so she filed a petition requesting that she be allowed to re-register the 20 units.

Having found that petitioner had not only failed to comply with the conditions set forth in her certificate of public convenience but practically abandoned the service for a period of 3 years, the Commission not only denied the petition but cancelled her original certificate except for one unit.

Thus this petition for review to the SC.

A grantee of a certificate of public convenience who fails to comply with his commitment for reasons which do not appear justifiable does not merit any grace on grounds of equity, for he should be deemed to have forfeited the privilege he has been granted.  The duty of the Commission to protect the investment of an operator refers only to operators of good standing and not to those whose investment has deteriorated or disappeared through their own fault.