Jaworski v. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation

419 SCRA 317 (2004)

While the police may essentially and generally be understood as being utilized for the advancement of whar may be considered virtuous materials, it may also be employed to regulate, and in the process incidentally promote, vices such as gambling. In that regard, however, any franchise granted for such purpose would be strictly construed. The legislature being regarded as the guardian of society, courts must not assume that the former intended to part away with its power to regulate public morals.

In Jaworski, the petitioner questioned the act of PAGCOR of entering into an arrangment with another company for the operation among others, of internet gambling. The Court disposed of the same by referring to what it earlier held in Del Mar v. PAGCOR,363 SCRA 680 (2001), that PAGCOR cannot share its franchise with any other entity. Accrdingly, the Court said that the other entity, if it wants to engage in internet gambling, must secure its own franchise and not ride on PAGCOR's.