> The investigating prosecutor shall do the following:

1.    If  the  investigating  prosecutor  finds  cause  to  hold  the respondent  for  trial,  he  shall  prepare  the  resolution  and information.  He  shall  certify  under  oath  in  the  information that:  

a.    He, or as shown by the record, an authorized officer, has  personally  examined  the  complainant  and  his witnesses;  
b.    That  there  is  reasonable  ground  to  believe  that  a crime  has  been  committed  and  that  the  accused  is probably guilty thereof;  
c.     That the accused was informed of the complaint and of the evidence submitted against him;  
d.    And  that  he  was  given  an  opportunity  to  submit controverting evidence.  

2.    If  the  investigating  officer  finds  no  probable  cause,  he  shall recommend the dismissal of the complaint

3.    Within five (5) days from his resolution, he shall forward the record of the case to the provincial or city prosecutor or chief state prosecutor, or to the Ombudsman or his deputy in cases of offenses cognizable by the Sandiganbayan in the exercise of  its  original  jurisdiction.  They  shall  act  on  the  resolution within  ten  (10)  days  from  their  receipt  thereof  and  shall immediately inform the parties of such action.

4.    No complaint or information may be filed or dismissed by an investigating prosecutor without the prior written authority or approval  of  the  provincial  or  city  prosecutor  or  chief  state prosecutor or the Ombudsman or his deputy.

5.    If  the  investigating  prosecutor  recommends  the  dismissal  of the complaint but his recommendation is disapproved by the provincial  or  city  prosecutor  or  chief  state  prosecutor  or  the Ombudsman  or  his  deputy  on  the  ground  that  a  probable cause exists, the latter may, either:

a.    By   himself,   file   the   information   against   the respondent, 
b.    Direct    another    assistant    prosecutor    or    state prosecutor  to  do  so  without  conducting  another preliminary investigation.

6.    If  upon  petition  by  a  proper  party  under  such  rules  as  the Department  of  Justice  may  prescribe  or  motu  propio,  the Secretary of Justice reverses or modifies the resolution of the provincial or city prosecutor or chief state prosecutor, he shall direct    the    prosecutor    concerned    either    to    file    the corresponding    information    without    conducting    anther reliminary investigation, or to dismiss or move for dismissal of the complaint or information with notice to the parties.