Pre-trial Order

Sec.  4.  Pre-trial  order.  –  After  the  pre-trial  conference,  the  court shall issue an order reciting the actions taken, the facts stipulated, and  evidence  marked.  Such  order  shall  bind  the  parties,  limit  the trial to matters not disposed of, and control the course f the action during  the  trial,  unless  modified  by  the  court  to  prevent  manifest injustice.


> It  is  an  order  issued  by  the  court  after  the  pre-trial  conference containing:
o      A recital of the actions taken
o      The facts stipulated
o      The evidence marked

> The pre-trial order binds the parties, limits the trial to matters not disposed  of,  and  controls  the  course  of  action  during  the  trial, unless modified by the court to prevent manifest injustice