PEOPLE V. MUSA - 217 SCRA 597  


Accused  seeks  the  reversal  of  his  conviction  for  violating  the  Dangerous Drugs  Act.    He  was  found  guilty  of  selling  marijuana  leaves  to  a  police officer in an entrapment operation. 


There is no doubt that the warrantless search incidental to a lawful arrest authorizes  the  arresting  officer  to  make  a  search  upon  the  person  of  the person  arrested.    Hence,  in  a  buy-bust  operation  conducted  to  entrap  a drug-pusher,  the  law  enforcement  agents  may  seized  the  marked  money
found  on  the  person  of  the  pusher  immediately  after  the  arrest  even without arrest or search warrants.  Furthermore, it may extend beyond to include the premises or surroundings under his immediate control.