Republic of the Philippines)
National Capital Region ) S.c.
City of Taguig )


Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel


I, { }, Filipino, of legal age, married and with address at { }, Philippines, after having been duly sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose that:


  1. I am the father of { } of { }, Philippines who is { } ({ }) years old.


  1. My above-named son will be traveling abroad.


  1. I am giving my full consent to my said son to travel abroad.


  1. For this purpose, I have sufficient and adequate financial capacity to support and defray the said travel and do hereby undertake to finance his trip abroad from the application fees, airline tickets, board and lodging, pocket money and such other expenses that he may incur so that she would neither be a burden to the state nor at their place of destination at any time during his trip abroad.


  1. I guarantee that she will not violate any existing laws of his country of destination;


  1. I am executing this affidavit in connection with my/our child application for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs Manila.


  1. I am executing this Affidavit of Consent to Travel to declare the truth of the foregoing facts and for whatever legal purpose it may serve.



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this { } at Taguig City, Philippines.




{ }






SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me, a Notary Public for and in Taguig

City, personally appeared this { }, { }, who presented to me his Philippine Passport No. { }, issued at Philippine Consulate General- { }, the same bearing affiant's photograph and signature, and who attested that he is the same person who personally signed before me the foregoing document and acknowledged thatshe executed the same.





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