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For anything else, please use the search below. is a site for all of us. We have a comprehensive database of Philippine Law for everyone! You can submit your articles, law references, case digests, and even personal things you want to share with the world. Starting your own Library starts with registration, then submission of the article under the chosen section and category. By doing this, you don't only help yourself. You also help other people. Our library also has a comprehensive collection of laws, statutes, jurisprudence, Executive Orders, Batas Pambansa, Republic Acts, Presidential Decrees etc. We also have compiled legal notes and references from different sources and information about the Bar and the Bar Exams. Remember, retrieving information is just a search away, easy! Our community is also very accommodating. Share your points of view and have a better look at things. Be heard. Listen. We also offer a searchable database of Filipino Lawyers. Finding information is never this easy!

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and grow with us as we pave an information highway towards wisdom for everyone!


Philippine Laws

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If you have any questions especially those related to legal matters, posting it in our community forums is the right thing to do. Just Register in the site then go to the Community's Q & A Board to create a new thread for your question. Post your questions and our members will gladly help you by giving opinions or advice regarding your matter at hand. Please place the issue as the title of the post.

Please bear in my mind that any answers solicited in response to your questions are merely opinions of the members and it is recommended that you seek legal help (a lawyer) to guide you in your plight.


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BATASnatin is the leader in online law research. We have made free information available to the public since its establishment. Our law resources are comprehensive and from very reliable sources. Most contributions are from law learners and law professionals who are more than willing to help.


We have digests for landmark cases for easy reference when doing legal research. We have very comprehensive and reliable reviewers and memory aids to help you prepare for exams, quizzes, or tests. Legal forms in the site are also just a click away. Furthermore, we have questions and answers to past bar examinations for your convenience.


Philippine Law Library

Go ahead and indulge! Dive in the wealth of information we have here offered for free. If you have contributions to the library, please do not hesitate to share them. You can directly upload or post them or you can contact any of our administrators so they can assist you in your noble deed.


Thank you and we are always happy you are here!

Relationships, we build them to make a better us. is helping you build your legal social network here. Connect with people, exchange ideas. Build or join groups, share common interests. Share videos and images that interests you. Your imagination is the limit. As long as it is legal, and you won't lose any or some of your liberty, property or even life, you can do it here. It would be our pleasure.


Enjoy the social network more by inviting your friends over. Form and reigster your groups. Organize events and invite people online.

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We here at recognize the value of camaraderie. We have a legal forum where you can ask legal questions and will then be responded by members of the community. Please bear in mind that all solicited answers in the forums are mere opinions and are not legal advices. No laywer-client relationship is ever created upon response of any member of a question in the forum. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer personally.


BATASnatin Legal Forums

In pursuit of BATASnatin's aim of helping students and law professionals, we offer our forums as a venue for intellectual intercourse.

Philippine Law MCQ is the leader in online law research. From its inception up to now, it is still unbeatable on providing the latest technology in law study and bar review. The BATASnatin Law MCQuizzer is an online Philippine law multiple choice quizzer. The Law MCQuizzer was formulated specifically to help everyone, whether preparing for  the bar exams or just a regular quiz. It presents you with questions and answers you can answer within a definite time. Try it now!

Philippine Bar Exams

The final hurdle in becoming a lawyer is conquering the bar examinations conducted by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. It is a tedious month-long process conducted in Metro Manila. Every lawyer in the country has their own stories on how they went about and passed the most difficult examinations in the Philippines. can be your partner in conquering the bar exams. Here, we have materials pertaining to application and requirements of the bar exams. BATASnatin is also one of the earliest publishers of the results of bar examinations. The materials here in this site generally are geared towards your success in becoming a lawyer, use them well.

Philippine Law Notes

BATASnatin Philippine Law Library fosters sharing as one of the primordial elements in broadening the knowledge of the law. We submit to the fact that nobody knows it all, nobody can have it all, but collectively, we have enough, we have what we need.


The BATASnatin Notes Vault is a venue specifically designed to facilitate sharing of Philippine legal resources, by whoever, whenever he wants. You can upload your notes to share with anybody you want. You can also download notes uploaded by other users. There is no limit to sharing.


Legal Forms offers free templates of legal forms for everyone's reference and use for whatever legal purpose they desire. They are at your own disposal but please use with utmost discretion.



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