The Court has adopted the following guidelines for all concerned regarding their conduct and activities within the perimeter of the venue of the Bar Examinations (“Perimeter Area”), to wit:

1. Standard to be Followed. – The bar examinations are in the nature of a court proceeding. Examinees and all other persons within the Perimeter Area are enjoined to observe the same conduct and decorum as they would when attending a court hearing or when within the immediate vicinity thereof.

2. Prohibition of Noise-making Activities. - No noise-making activities of any kind shall be allowed in the Perimeter Area from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on any of the four (4) Sundays of the Bar Examinations.

3. Prohibited Items. – Alcoholic beverages and any kind of deadly weapon shall be absolutely prohibited within the Perimeter Area for the duration of the Bar Examinations.

4. Proper Decorum to be Observed. – No improper or unbecoming conduct in the Perimeter Area shall be allowed for the duration of the Bar Examinations, including but not limited to: “streaking” or any other form of exhibitionism; ati-atihan or any other form of parades; the playing of live or loud music; cheerleading exhibitions; political demonstrations; gambling; and other similar activities that cause disruption or disturbance to the examinees at any time on the day or on the eve of the examinations.

5. Activities After the Bar Examinations. – Any conduct or activity within the Perimeter Area after 5:00 P.M., or the end of examination time during any of the four (4) Sundays, shall be governed and regulated in accordance with the relevant laws and local government ordinances.

6. Sanctions. – The Court will enforce these guidelines strictly and adopt sanctions against violations thereof under its inherent powers as well as under applicable laws and ordinances.